Shocking video: A 3-year-old girl shoots herself!

A shocking video clip spread on social media, documenting the moment a 3-year-old girl shot herself in the US state of Florida.

This came while she was with a relative at home on Saturday. However, the man was busy watching a football match on his laptop, while the gun was on the couch!

For her part, the girl’s grandmother said that when she learned about the matter, she called the police, who went to the site of the accident, according to the New York Post.

She also added that the child was supposed to be under the care of her other grandmother, who did not appear in the video at the time of the accident.

She underwent surgery

While the man said that he prepared breakfast for the girl and then watched her, according to CBS News.

However, he left his gun unattended on the couch for a few moments because he was excited about the match, the police report revealed. After hearing the shot, he saw blood pouring from the girl’s hand.

In addition, the girl was transferred to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. And then I got out.

Meanwhile, the man was arrested on charges of neglecting a child and physically harming him.

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